100% African Music!!
When we say “African Music”, you might think of traditional African music but our music is the latest pop and dance that you will hear in a local Nigerian bar. We are sure you will love and appreciate this great genuine African music and it will keep you coming back to Esogie.

“Lucky “ is the proud owner of Esogie from Nigeria. Lucky will serve your drinks and prepare your food. Lucky can speak both English & Japanese and his friendly / happy personality is very welcoming. Japanese staff are also there to attend to all your requests.

Esogie is decorated like a traditional bar in Nigeria. For those that have travelled through Africa, you will know what we mean. With dim lighting, comfortable stool style seating and a relaxing atmosphere it stands apart from the everyday Shinjuku.u bar.

There are a range of African Drums like the Djembe & Tolking drum in Esogie. Lucky will gladly play away on your request and / or anyone is welcome to try their hand to play along. Esogie is a great night out with everyone joining together to soak up the authentic Nigerian sounds of the African drums.




The African Drum・・・

No Charge